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AMI국제고문인 잰 스튜어트(Jan Stuart, 영국박물관 아시아부장)와 푸션교수(傅申, 국립대만대학교 명예교수)는 영국박물관에서 공동프로젝트를 진행하였다. 푸션교수에게 특별 의뢰한 '묵향당' 편액은 2014년 6월부터 중국회화실에 상설 설치되었다. 이 전시실은 세계적인 (傳)고개지의 <여사잠도>가 주기적으로 설치되는 곳이다. 잰 스튜어트 고문은 이 프로젝트를 마지막으로 영국박물관을 떠나 2014년 10월 말부터 미국 워싱턴 소재 스미스소니언의 프리어-세컬러 동양미술관의 중국미술 큐레이터로 이직하게 된다.


In June 2014, The British Museum opened a small gallery dedicated to showing a selection of Asian, usually Chinese, paintings from the permanent collection. At the heart of the new gallery is a state-of-the-art, custom-designed showcase for the Admonitions painting. The showcase serves as a storage space for the work and can easily be converted into a display space to share the painting with the public for 8 weeks a year. Due to the age-- perhaps some 1,500 years old--and fragility of the panel-mounted Admonitions painting, the Museum team decided that it should not be moved between storage and display spaces, but left in one location. This spurred the need to create a conservation-approved storage space that also converts to a display case. The Museum team constructed a table top-style showcase with built-in lighting that can be turned on during display time for low-level, but sufficiently illuminating light to show the scroll effectively. The case also has built-in black-out blinds. When the internal lights are turned off, the blinds are lowered so that no ambient light from the room can affect the scroll either and it is left undisturbed, in the dark for all but 8 weeks a year, or for rare showings by appointment. A computer terminal and video represent the scroll when it not on view.

But even when the Admonitions Scroll is not view, three other showcases display selections of the Museum’s painting collection, and Fu Shen’s calligraphy –mounted high on the wall—is always on view—a beacon welcoming visitors to the importance of Chinese art. Leading the project to create this new gallery and writing a short book to introduce the Admonitions Scroll to the general public was Jan Stuart’s last gallery project at The British Museum before her departure for the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M Sackler. 



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